Lady Sif: WIP and finished product

When Thor 2: The Dark World came out, I created my Lady Sif cosplay based on promotional images and semi-blurry screencaps of the trailer. It was difficult to piece it all together with so few images available as reference, and after the movie came out and I was able to find better detailed pictures, I realized that parts of the armor were incorrect. But for what little I had to work with, I’m very proud of how my first armor build came along.

The armor itself was made out of craft foam. I learned a lot while working with it, but I also realized that craft foam works better for small details rather than for full sets of armor. This one lasted me through the movie premiere and two photoshoots before it was too messed up to put on again.

To get the shine of it, I painted it with rub’n’buff, which is fantastic, but requires a lot of base coats, usually a painted on mixture of glue and water. The first picture shows my experiment with rub’n’buff, both with flash and without to show off the shine, but also how parts can look kind of messed up if the base coat isn’t applied properly.

The tunic underneath was made out of suede cloth, and I wore leggings and knee high boots underneath. The wig was ordered from, and it absolutely incredible.