Claire Redfield: Finished product

An absolute favorite cosplay of mine, Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2.

It was difficult to find the vest and pants in pink, so I opted for white instead, and I dyed them bright pink to match her design. I had to cut the pants into shorts at the right length, which required drawing the lines in blue fading ink while wearing the pants. The picture on the back was hand painted on by me over the course of about a week.


Jinx: Finished product

This was one of my first costumes where I made such a large prop. Fishbones, my 4.5′ rocket launcher made to look like a shark, was made out of PVC plumbing pipe and EVA foam, and was painted with two different kinds of silver paint, one to give it a good base, the other to give it texture. In the end, it weighed about 10-12 pounds.

The outfit itself used a stretch denim cut and pieced together to make the stripes. The left side of the top was a soft pleather backed with cotton and quilted by me on the sewing machine. The belt was made in the same way.

For the bullets, I wanted to find used shotgun shells, but I didn’t have the time, so I used cork instead and painted them silver, which did the trick in a pinch, and remained lightweight.

Daniella: Finished product

The finished product of my Daniella cosplay from Haunting Ground. These are just a few of many utterly beautiful shots I was able to have taken of this cosplay, and the graveyard photoshoot was a perfect setting for them.

This costume was made back in spring of 2006, and still fits like a dream now.

Daniella: WIP and details

In the spring of 2006, my mom and I started creating a cosplay for Daniella from the PS2 horror game, Haunting Ground. Screenshots were very limited at the time, so the embroidery for the sleeve and the back of the jacket were hand drawn by me based off what I could make out from the pictures. Creating the jacket so the embroidery went all the way around it, even over the seams, took some finesse, but ultimately turned out well.

The lace used was created on my mom’s embroidery machine, stitched out panel by panel and then pieced together to create a seamless design. This was done on the bottom of the apron, and the top and bottom of the bodice.

OUAT Snow White: WIP and finished product

This is quite possibly one of my favorite cosplays that I’ve worked on. It was physically strenuous to work on, and I was very sore after working on it, but it was worth it. Several yards of fabric had to be quilted, which took about ten hours to do in three sessions. And there are over 350 beads hand sewn onto this jacket, which took about another twelve hours.

I would love to get more photos of this cosplay someday, but it’s one of my favorites to wear in the snow, so it’ll be a while before I get anymore up in the mountains.

The jacket and pants were both made with suede cloth, the gloves are a flexible faux leather bought from ebay with the fingertips cut off. The boots were from Burlington, and the wig was purchased at

Lady Sif: WIP and finished product

When Thor 2: The Dark World came out, I created my Lady Sif cosplay based on promotional images and semi-blurry screencaps of the trailer. It was difficult to piece it all together with so few images available as reference, and after the movie came out and I was able to find better detailed pictures, I realized that parts of the armor were incorrect. But for what little I had to work with, I’m very proud of how my first armor build came along.

The armor itself was made out of craft foam. I learned a lot while working with it, but I also realized that craft foam works better for small details rather than for full sets of armor. This one lasted me through the movie premiere and two photoshoots before it was too messed up to put on again.

To get the shine of it, I painted it with rub’n’buff, which is fantastic, but requires a lot of base coats, usually a painted on mixture of glue and water. The first picture shows my experiment with rub’n’buff, both with flash and without to show off the shine, but also how parts can look kind of messed up if the base coat isn’t applied properly.

The tunic underneath was made out of suede cloth, and I wore leggings and knee high boots underneath. The wig was ordered from, and it absolutely incredible.