My name is Elizabeth, and I create art and cosplay inspired by movies and video games. I post works in progress, the final products of art pieces and cosplays I am working on, as well as any tutorials, products used, and techniques used throughout the process.

I have been an artist my entire life, and it was often joked with my family that I was born with a crayon in hand. I have taken several art classes since middle school to help define my own style while adhering to the basic rules of art. My preferred methods are traditional art, using copic markers and prismacolor ink pens and colored pencils. I also do some digital art, but I prefer traditional for my own style.

For cosplay, my first was when I was thirteen years old and several friends and I went as Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon for Halloween. Cosplay was a vastly different thing back then, near unheard of, so props and wigs weren’t something I knew well. The popularity and market for cosplay has grown quite a bit since then, and my cosplays, too, have become better and more detailed.


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