Jinx: Finished product

This was one of my first costumes where I made such a large prop. Fishbones, my 4.5′ rocket launcher made to look like a shark, was made out of PVC plumbing pipe and EVA foam, and was painted with two different kinds of silver paint, one to give it a good base, the other to give it texture. In the end, it weighed about 10-12 pounds.

The outfit itself used a stretch denim cut and pieced together to make the stripes. The left side of the top was a soft pleather backed with cotton and quilted by me on the sewing machine. The belt was made in the same way.

For the bullets, I wanted to find used shotgun shells, but I didn’t have the time, so I used cork instead and painted them silver, which did the trick in a pinch, and remained lightweight.


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